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S.T.A.R — Super Tricky Amazing Run is a game where many levels with crazy obstacles await you! Bizarre traps, serious enemies, and even elementary laws of physics stand in the way of your victory royale! Be the best: pass the obstacle course and reach the end of this insane coliseum filled with fun! Each round is unique, and new trials will be harder than previous ones. You’ll need all your skills to get the victory! Upgrade your skills and win! And don’t fall!

Join us — a real knockout race is waiting for you! Can you win?

Legion Clash
Do you want to feel like a commander of a huge army? Then Legion Clash: World Conquest is a game for you!

Here you will rise from a small unit commander to the commander of a whole squad. A countless number of spectacular battles will break out under your tactful guidance! It's you who will accept the challenges of numerous enemies, receive amazing rewards, and improve your own army like a real general! It depends only upon you whether the brave warriors of your army can face enemy attacks and conquer the whole world!

Space Hunt
What will you do to survive in a spaceship with imposters among your teammates?

In Space Hunt you will experience the thrill of being hunted by bloodthirsty traitors. Your goal is to solve all puzzles, repair the escape space shuttle and get out!

What are you waiting for? Join the fun space adventure and survive among imposters. Download Space Hunt now and enjoy one of the best hide and seek games!